We are creatives coming together to build a lot of different things. With our manufacturing facility and collaborations, we are able to develop products freely. We believe it is not about our branding, but a continuous improvement of new ideas and new actions. 

How it's made


100% Water-Based Biodegradable Ink

Our prints are rated safe and contain no hazardous chemicals! They are OEKO-TEX and GOTS approved! Truthfully, our water-based ink prints will not last forever. Instead, it will disintegrate after 30+ proper washes. Like organic fruit, it is natural and biodegradable, unlike GMO fruit, which contains harmful chemicals just so the fruit can last longer.


Traditional textile decoration processes involve many steps, creating unnecessary waste and water pollution that is harmful for the workforce as well as the environment. But it is also very hard for brands in general to be 100% sustainable. Shoes still require rubber, waterproof jackets are synthetic, and our iPhone requires precious metals, not to mention the cost of R&D and scaling anything to be sustainable.


It's also important to mention that we don't claim to be a "sustainable" brand but are open to learning how to take the necessary steps to make it more possible! Please Note: 90% of our current products contain water-based ink. As we continue to improve our processes, we hope to be 100% eco-friendly within the next few years!


Earth's Largest Database

With the help of our online community, we are aiming to build the largest selection of designs in various categories. We believe no one person should be limited to one style but instead have access to a mix of styles that allow them to explore and express all interests.


Reducing Carbon Footprint

Because we are manufacturers ourselves, we try not to rely on outsourcing everything. Instead, we are continuously investing in local production and ethical businesses overseas.


We are working with vendors worldwide to increase more options to our community!