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Jacket Collection Template

Jacket Collection Template

$ 15.00

13 vectored jacket templates (front + back)

  • Vectored templates make it easy to add/change panels 
  • Quick and instant downloadstart designing immediately
  • A direct download link is sent immediately after checkout, and a link is emailed when the order is fulfilled
  • Great for fashion and freelance designers
  • Adobe Illustrator is required to edit files

    Made for designers by designers

    I created these templates so you can design other things instead of just making shirts. I think as creatives we need the ability to have full control and expand our product range and this is the way to do it. Sending out pencil sketches to your manufacturers simply doesn't cut it in todays digital world. The benefits of these templates is that your able to see your designs in multiple colors before making it, adjust the design by changing the points, create quick easy mock ups, and simply go beyond just making t-shirts. - John Kim

    Here's a video with an example of how to easy it is to change color ways and edit templates.



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